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Willie Garley  Willie Garley and Cobra Rhodes

2010 New Mexico Hall of Fame Inductee
When did you start armwrestling?
  • 1984
States competed in:
  • CO, NM, SD, CT, CA, NV, AZ
Most memorable match/tourney:
  • Representing NM at the Yukon Jack International Championships in San Francisco, CA
Toughest opponent:
  • Allen Fisher
Favorite technique:
  • Toproll
First tournament and placing:
  • New Mexico State - 2nd place
Special thanks:
  • With deep appreciation to my family, sponsors, and friends.
  • 7-time New Mexico State Champion
  • 1998 USWA National Pro Champion
  • Awarded Recognition of Achievement Award from the State of New Mexico
  • 1993 Yukon Jack Regional Champion
  • Represented NM at the 1994 AAA Nationals (CT)
  • Represented NM at the USAA Naionals (NV)
  • Represented NM at the 1993 Yukon International International (NV)
  • Valencia County Champion
  • AAA State Director, 1993-1998

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