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Tim Lewis
(The Road Warrior)

 Tim Lewis 

When did you start armwrestling?
First tournament Local sit-down in Greenville, PA (run by Bob Stenger)
How did you place? Lost two matches
What weight classes do you typically pull? It depends on what region I'm pulling in - during the academic year, I pull in CO and US Armwrestling-sanctioned tournaments. I live in the 220 pound class if offered, otherwise the 199-242. On the East Coast during the summer, my class is often 231. My goal is to get down to 198 and stay there.
What titles have you won, at any level?
  • Colorado State Championship Novice Right 199-242, 2007
  • NYC Big Apple Grapple Amateur Right 200-225, 2008
  • Dallas Europa Super Show Novice Left 199+, 2008
What goals do you have for yourself in armwrestling?
  • Become a consistent placing open 198 puller
What do you do for a living? Graduate student at CO School of Mines, pursuing a Master's in mathematics. I expect to finish in May 2009 and enter the job market then. I graduated from Lehigh University in 2006 with a degree in Math and Computer Science.
What hobbies do you enjoy? Aside from armwrestling, I also enjoy working out in the gym, playing poker, hanging out with my friends, and tutoring.
Family? Born and raised in pottstown, PA, about an hour west of Philadelphia. I am the oldest of three children. My sister is currently a sophomore at Boston College pursuing a degree in Political Science and French and my brother is currently a Freshman at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania pursuing a bachelor's degree in Information Technology.
Toughest opponent This is a hard one. I've been to many tournaments and been on the winning and losing side of many tough matches. I cannot pick one person in particular. 
How do you train for armwrestling? First and foremost, I go to as many tournaments as possible in many different regions so I am not consistently competing against the same people. For practice, I train with the Denver based crew whenever they have a practice and on the East Coast I have three different groups of people that I will train with off and on. I do some gym workouts as well, but this is for full body training rather than armwrestling-specific workouts. I am from the school of thought that you get better on the table, not in the gym.