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Steve Ponzi Steve Ponzi  Steve Ponzi  

When did you compete?
1975 to 1987
Height/Weight 5' 11", 242 lbs
States you've competed in?  CO, NV, CA
Titles (wins/highest placings) State/Regional: Multiple WPAA Rocky Mountain Regional Champion, multiple CO State Champion

National/World: 1976 WPAA World Championships - 4th. 1978 AWI World Pro Championships - 4th, 1979 AWI World Pro Championships - 4th

International: Competed in 1985 “Over The Top” Regional Championships
  • #1 Overall Ranked Arm wrestler (12)
  • Years undefeated in CO (12)
  • Heaviest bench press (600 lbs)
Most memorable match My most memorable match was at the World Championships in Las Vegas with a former World Champion. The match lasted a long time and resulted in a chipped bone in my elbow.
Toughest opponent Dennis Yaklich from Pueblo. He was one of the strongest men I have ever seen.
Powerlifting 600 lb max unofficial bench press. Set state power lifting record at 565# bench, 780# squat, 760# deadlift. I started competing in power lifting in 1975 and entered the 220# novice class taking second place. I vowed never to lose again. Shortly after, I competed in the 242# class and won every meet and took outstanding lifter at every contest. My goal was to set the World Record in the bench press and win the World Armwrestling Championships. I was ranked in the top 5 in the World in Powerlifting for about 3 years along with Jon Cole and a few others. In 1980 I attempted to set the World bench press record at the Senior Nationals which was 573#. I successfully lifted 578# but was called for moving my head. Years later, attempting a 605# bench press at Gold’s Gym in Denver, I tore my pectoral muscle and ended my Powerlifting and Armwrestling career.

Anything else you would like to say? In 1988 I became a born-again Christian and the Lord saved me from my sins.