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Matt Girdner
(Bam Bam)
Matt Girdner  

2008 Colorado Hall of Fame streaming video - Matt Girdner

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When did you start armwrestling?
First tournament Hawaii
How did you place? First place
States/countries you have competed in Poland, USA (14 states - AR, CT, HI, CO, NV, ID, WY, NE, MO, CA, IL, IA, GA, SD)
Favorite training exercise Armwrestling with all my buds
Favorite technique Hook Drag
Most memorable match Losing to Marcio Barbosa at Worlds
Tournament/accomplishment you are most proud of Watching my kids armwrestle
Toughest opponent Alexy Voevoda - never beat him
Top Armwrestlers you have defeated John Brzenk, Travis Bagent, Ron Bath, Michael Todd, Alexey Semerenko, Ibragim Ibragimov, Eric Woelfel, Nick Zinna, Don Underwood, Dan Victor, Paul Walther, Mike Gould
Strength feats Bench - 500 lbs, dumbbell curls - 145 lbs, hammer curls - 120 lbs
Highest ranking Second in the world
  • State - (12): HI, WY, NE, CO, MO
  • Regional - (9): Rocky Mountain, Yukon Jack, GNC, West Coast, Southern CO, High Plains
  • National - (6): AAA 1998, USAA 2005, USAF 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005
  • International - Ultimate Vegas 2004, 2005. Main Event Idaho 1998. PAC Connecticut 2005 (3rd), WWC California 1997 (2nd). GNC Georgia 2003 (3rd), Zloty Tur Poland 2004 (2nd). World - WAF USA 2002 (2nd)
Other notables in the sport or anything else you would like to say Thanks to everyone that helped me achieve so much. Brad, well, I should say the entire Balderston family, lots of road trips! Jeff, Em, Rich, Neil Bell, .... I know that I am forgetting some names, but thanks to all... who knows? Bam Bam just might make a comeback for a shot at a world title.... Hmmmmm...?!!