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Keith Powers
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When did you start armwrestling?
First tournament WPAA Event at Buckingham mall. 
How did you place? I went undefeated for about 10 matches until single elimination finals where I got crushed by Kevin Fanger
What weight classes do you typically pull? I typically pull the 176 lb class but have done them all from 165 to super heavyweight
Highest ranking #1 in state, regional, U.S., North America, and in the world
Most memorable match Against Robertas Prozivalskis at the 2012 Nationals, I just remember being so nervous and scared and then it was over, I had won.
What do you do for a living? Industrial electrical
What hobbies do you enjoy? Absolutely love working out, riding motorcycles, and of course armwrestling!
Family? Mom Mary, Pop John, Brother John, Niece Reagan, Nephew Riley
Toughest opponent Has got to be Corey Miller because we've pulled so many times that we each know what the other will do and that if one of us comes in in top shape, they'll most likely be that day's victor. 
Proudest tourney win This was actually a second place finish at the 2012 Unified Nationals because the class was incredibly stacked and I was able to knock some big names off my list!
How do you train for armwrestling? I spend a lot of time in the gym when I'm getting ready for an event, very little time on the table because I tend to injure myself and that just sets me back, and I really like to turn everyday tasks at work into training, i.e., wrist curling conduit and equipment while crossing a job site, and pulling wire until I can't even squeeze my hands!
Anything else you would like to say I would like to say thank you to everyone I have ever pulled before, win or lose, because you made me a better arm wrestler and kept me humble by your amazing sportsmanship!