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Jeff Ames
(the Technician, aka Bitter Beer Face)
Jeff Ames  Jeff Ames  
Jeff's Colorado Hall of Fame Video

When did you start armwrestling?
First tournament Rocky Mountain Regionals
How did you place? Won 2 matches, lost to CO legends Kevin Fanger and Clay Stadler
What weight classes do you typically pull? 176, when my love of fast food will allow
What titles have you won, at any level?
  • USWA National Amateur Champion
  • Finalist, USAF Nationals
  • Finalist, WPAA Nationals
  • Finalist, Armed Forces Championships
  • 15 State Titles in 6 states
  • 8 Regional Titles
What goals do you have for yourself in armwrestling?
  • Beat Dakota Gundy's record of state titles in 7 states
  • Help to make CO and NM the top two teams in the U.S.
What do you do for a living? Truck driver like Lincoln Hawk! (grunt! grunt! grunt!)
What hobbies do you enjoy? I like to play soccer, tennis, bball, ping pong, poker with Team CO/NM, horseshoes at Rigid Rich's, running around with my kiddo
Family? Father (deceased), Mother (Aurora, CO), Brother (Wichita, KS), Son (Rio Rancho, NM), Imaginary Friend (follows me around everywhere)
Toughest opponent Gaylon Russell, Ken Penrose, and Keith "Over" Powers. Gaylon's head weighs 63 lbs! I'm not kidding. Have you seen that thing?!? It's enormous! That thing has its own zip code! J/K Gaylon! Ya know I love ya yo! Gaylon has beat me more times than I have beat him and as you can see, I'm not bitter about it at all. ;-) Kenny and I have had some classic battles over the years. He is definitely one of the best lefties in CO history. I have "overpowered" Keith on occasion, but he has handed me some beatings. We have had a back and forth rivalry. I will be the first to admit I have ducked that guy like Lincoln Hawks ducked Bull Hurley. :-)
How do you train for armwrestling? Gym three days a week, pull with Team NM on weekends.