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Charles Hamby
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Durango Herald article

When did you start armwrestling?
First tournament Caldwell, TX
How did you place? I beat 3 state champions in my first tournament, but my second tournament I got my tail handed to me!
What do you do for training? armwrestle, weight train, and move furniture, boulders, dirt, sand, and anything else my wife has on her honey-do-list!

Check out Charles' training compound: Hambone's Gym
Most memorable match? There have been so many, but the one that stickes in my mind the most is my loss to Matt Girdner.
Toughest opponent? Matt Girdner, by far the strongest person that I have armwerstled. I have had some wars with Lindley Keating.
State and regional titles I have won over 20 state championships. Starting in Texas in 1987. I have also won state championships in Colorado and Arkansas.
National titles I won the USAWA Nationals in Virginia in 1991.
World/international titles I won the World Amateur Championships in California in 1996 with SCAWA, and I won the World Police/Fire Championships in 2003.
Other titles
  • Numerous regional titles in TX
  • Smaller tourney wins and placing in IL, WY, LA, WI, FL, NM
  • 2-time Texas armwrestler of the year
  • 1987 SCAWA novice of the year
  • 4th at SCAWA Worlds in California (1987)
  • 3rd at SCAWA Worlds in Colton, CA (1998)
  • 2nd at National Wristwrestling Championships, Corona, CA (1989)
  • 3rd at SCAWA Worlds in California (twice)
  • 2nd at SCAWA Worlds in California (3 times); the last in 2005
  • 2nd at Worlds in Virginia (1992)
Top Armwrestlers you have defeated Steve Phipps, Jim Shipman, Albert Loucher, Bob Eazor, Terry Shapiro, Chuck Hendricks, David Morraco, Terry Corchoran, Rick Zumwalt, Bruce Way, Harold Owens, Lindley Keating, Don Underwood, Michael Todd
Strength feats Close #3 gripper; Bench 475 lbs; Table curl a 100 lb dumbbell for 45 reps; One-arm preacher curl a 100 lb dumbbell for 20+ reps; Tear 4 decks of cards in half in under 1 minute
Other notables in the sport or anything else you would like to say In order to keep my amateur status I have donated all of the money that I have won. These donations have ranged from law enforcement to firemen, to schools and biker organizations. Usually whoever the tournament is supporting is who I have the money donated to. I have also promoted many fundraising tournaments which have been mostly for school-related needs. For the last several years I have been involved in promoting armwrestling tournaments in the southwest Colorado area for area high school wrestling. When I started armwrestling in Texas in 1987 there were a lot more amateur tournaments than pro tournaments. It was also believed that only amateurs would be able to compete if the sport made it to the Olympics. I have always had sponsors to help pay for my expenses. Usually the pro classes did not pay enough to cover these expenses. By not accepting money, I am able to compete in smaller tournaments after a lay off due to my family obligations, which take priority over everything else. I could not have been able to do this without the sponsors.