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Casey Keyes Casey Keyes 

When did you start armwrestling?
I have been pulling all my life in one way or another starting with armwrestling other kids and even coaches in school and then as a bartender working in bars in the 70's.
Occupation? Prison Guard at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility in Crowley, CO
Armwrestling Career? My first organized match was 1977, or 1978 in Sharon Springs, Kansas, which I won and then I broke my arm in 1980 armwresting against Mike Moss in a tournament in Idaho Springs, CO. I did not wrestle again untill 1988 in the WPAA Rocky Mountain Regional Championships from '88 - '93, I placed 1st and/or 2nd each year but do not recall which place which years and since I jumped from middle to light heavy I'm not sure of the classes.
Most memorable match? My most memorable matches were against (Bad) Brad Balderston, also Clay Stadler who I was always impressed with for his technique and sportmanship, the one year I wrestled Clay I think he jumped up into my class since I was heavier than him, I won but believe me I did not take him lightly. I also had the honor of getting to know Mel Terry but never put my arm up against him since we where in different weight classes. (thank goodness!!!) 
City/State Ordway, CO