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Buzz Switzer
Buzz Switzer

When did you start armwrestling?
First tournament Rocky Mountain Regional Championships
How did you place? Won 2 matches, lost 2 matches
What weight classes do you typically pull? I am semi-retired from competition but pull now and again just because I love the sport. In my competitive days, I pulled in the 169 or 176 lb class depending on the organization. I now pull in the 198 lb class (I hope to get back down to 176).
What titles have you won, at any level?
  • A few titles in CO with the WPAA (now AUSA (2)), AAA (3), CPAA (now defunct (2))
  • Went to Kansas City to the WPAA World Championships (at the time, the WPAA was the premier armwrestling association) and felt that at the national level I probably would never win a national or world title. But I fell in love with refereeing and have refereed over thirty WPAA/AUSA national championships and more local armwrestling matches than I can recall.
What goals do you have for yourself in armwrestling?
  • My goal today is to promote the sport of armwrestling and to help in training of armwrestlers of all skill levels. I will also pull and ref from time to time as long as I'm able.
What do you do for a living? Retired since 2004 from an HVAC supervisor position at the Colorado School of Mines
What hobbies do you enjoy? Jeeping, painting, weight training, and of course armwrestling
Family? Mother, sister, and my wife of 30 years Rosalind
Toughest opponent There have been so many through the years that it is impossible to pick just one. My list would have to include Kevin Fanger, Brad Balderston, Dave Patton, and Harley Maynard, but there are many others too numerous to list.
How do you train for armwrestling? I work out with weights at least three times a week and try to pull at least once a week. I do train my whole body, but I train more heavy on armwrestling exercises.