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2009 Big Dogs Huge Paws Armwrestling Challenge
November 14, 2009 - Colorado Springs, CO
Held at Cowboy's East

Presented by Mile High ArmSports and Big Dogs Huge Paws of Colorado Springs

Kids/Teen Entries: 16, Adult Entries: 26 (42 total entries) - not bad for a wintery CO day!
States represented: CO, NM, ID, WY

Event Photos:

Boys & Girls 7-9 (right):
Darian Bryant/Brice Authier

Boys & Girls 7-9 (left):
Darian Bryant/Brice Authier

Boys 10-12 (right):
Wyatt Perrin/Christian Bryant/Jackson Bolsinger

Boys 10-12 (left):
Wyatt Perrin/Christian Bryant/Jackson Bolsinger

Girls 13-15 (right):
Brooke Perrin/Darian Bryant/Susan Bolsinger

Girls 13-15 (left):
Brooke Perrin/Darian Bryant/Susan Bolsinger

Men's Novice Right:
0-165: Greg Soesbe/Anthony Buckley
166-198: Jim Cowan/Steve Bryant

Men's Masters Left:
0-198: Bob Keller/Buzz Switzer

Men's Open Right:
166-198: Corey Miller/Justin Kaufman/JD Simpson/Bob Keller
199+: Corey Miller/John Buxton/Chris Kaufman/Justin Tanner

Men's Open Left:
166--198: Justin Kaufman/Steve Bryant/Jim Cowan/JD Simpson
199+: Corey Miller/Justin Tanner/Chris Kaufman/Tim Lewis

Men's Right Overall: Corey Miller
Men's Left Overall: Corey Miller

2009 Southwest Regional Armwrestling Championships

November 7, 2009 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Held at Knucklehead's Bar & Grill

Presented by New Mexico ArmSports

Kids/Teen Entries: 17, Adult Entries: 112 (129 total entries)
States represented: CO, NM, TX, MS

Boys & Girls 0-4:
Brandon Burlem/Cason Goodwin

Boys & Girls 5-6:
Alexandra Melendrez/Brandon Burlem/Cason Goodwin

Boys 7-9:
Jaime Melendrez/Aidan Ames
Girls 7-9:
Destiny Sanchez/Baily West/Alexandra Melendrez

Boys 10-12:
No entris

Girls 10-12:
Jordan Hernandez/Jazmine Sanchez/Shelby West

Boys 13-15:
Joshua Valley/Rico Apodaca

Girls 13-15:
No entries

Boys 16-18:
No entries

Girls 16-18:

Kelsey Simmons/Tyler Hernandez

Men's Novice Right:
0-154: Travis Kleinhaus/Phillip Hurtado/Josh Wilson
155-176: Ben Bledsoe/Billy Chavez/Jonny Moreno/Eddie Gonzalez
177-198: Steven Storms/John Trujillo
199+: Wayne Withers/Robert Fowler/Pat Chavez Jr./Steve Hernandez

Men's Novice Left:
0-176: Ben Bledsoe/Eddie Gonzalez
177+: Robert Fowler/David Warren/Steve Hernandez

Women's Open Right:
0-121: No entries
122-143: No entries
144-176: Andrea Melendrez/Kelsey Simmons/Tyler Hernandez
177+: No entries

Women's Open Left:
0-143: No entries
144+: Christal Schaffner/Tyler Hernandez

Men's Open Right:
0-154: No entries
155-176: Chris Boyd/Joey Baca/James Melendrez/Craig Goodwin
177-198: Chris Boyd/Mike Apodaca
199-242: Brian Burlem/Chris Futhey/Charles Hamby/Robert Fowler
243+: Nate McCallon/Steven King/Lee Fowler

Men's Open Left:
0-154: No entries
155-176: Chris Boyd/Billy Chavez
177-198: Joseph Cordova/Steven Storms
199-242: Ethan Santistevan/Brian Burlem/Charles Hamby/Robert Fowler
243+: Jason Perrin/Nate McCallon/Clint Harrison/Lee Fowler

Men's Cash Box Right:
0-154: Joseph Cordova/Craig Goodwin/Travis Kleinhaus/Phillip Hurtado
155-176: Chris Boyd/James Melendrez/Brian Sanchez/Joey Baca
177-198: John Trujillo/Mike Apodaca
199-242: Brian Burlem/Ethan Santistevan/Rich Simpson/Tim Lewis
243+: Jason Perrin/Nate McCallon/Lee Fowler/David Warren

Men's Cash Box Left:
0-154: No entries
155-176: Chris Boyd/James Melendrez/Brian Sanchez/Jonny Moreno
177-198: John Trujillo/Joseph Cordova/Mike Apodaca
199-242: Chris Futhey/Tim Lewis/Ethan Santistevan/Charles Hamby
243+: Jason Perrin/Nate McCallon/Lee Fowler/David Warren

Women's Cash Box Right:
0-121: No entries
122-143: No entries
144-176: Andrea Melendrez/Tyler Hernandez/Kelsey Simmons
177+: Kelsey Simmons/Christal Schaffner

Women's Cash Box Left:
0-143: No entries
144+: Tyler Hernandez/Kelsey Simmons

Men's Right Overall: Chris Boyd

Men's Left Overall: Jason Perrin

Women's Right Overall: Andrea Melendrez

Women's Left Overall: Christal Schaffner

Match of the day Kids/Teens: Kelsey Simmons vs Tyler Hernandez

Match of the day Adults: Tyler Hernadez vs Kelsey Simmons

Cash Box Winners:
$100 - Lee Fowler
$100 - Rich Simpson
$100 - Ethan Santistevan
$200 - John Trujillo
$200 - Chris Boyd
$300 - Jason Perrin

Door Prizes:
Mini NFL fridge, charcoal grill, poker set, calloway golf bag, nfl cooler, captains of crush grippers.

2009 Colorado State Armwrestling Championships

October 10, 2009 - Lakewood, Colorado
Held at Eck's Saloon

Presented by Mile High ArmSports

Kids/Teen Entries: 21, Adult Entries: 125 (146 total entries)
States represented: CO, NM, TX, WY, CT, NE

DVD copies of this tournament:
Available for $15 ($10 + $5 shipping)
Memories in Motion - Craig Evans
970-224-1071 or

Photos from 2009 State Tourney:
2009 CO State Tournament

Boys & Girls 0-4:
No entries

Boys & Girls 5-6:
David Cohen/Logan Cousineau

Boys 7-9:
Robert Penrose/Jonathan Cousineau/David Cohen
Girls 7-9:
Darian Bryant/Briana Sweet

Boys 10-12:
Christian Bryant/Jonathan Penrose/Robert Cohen

Girls 10-12:
Jordan Hernandez/Brandy Cohen/Darian Bryant

Boys 13-15:
Christian Bryant/Robert Penrose/Jonathan Penrose

Girls 13-15:
Tyler Hernandez/Monique Crawford

Boys 16-18:
No entries

Girls 16-18:

Kelsey Simmons/Tyler Hernandez/Monique Crawford

Men's Novice Right:
0-154: No entries
155-176: Jason Schwab/Brian Sanchez/Ben Bledsoe/Raymond Richard
177-198: No entries
199-242: Robert Fowler/Brandon Mai
243+: Lee Fowler/Steve Hernandez

Men's Novice Left:
0-176: Brian Sanchez/Ben Bledsoe/Thomas Carle/Jonathan Mai
177-220: Bob Keller/Jim Cowan
221+: Lee Fowler/Robert Fowler/Davide Warren/Pete Snow

Women's Open Right:
0-121: No entries
122-143: Kelsey Simmons/Sherry Olson/Kathy Kelly/Tara Cousineau
144+: Margie Ciaccio/Brandy Stark/Tara Cousineau/Colleen Santistevan

Women's Open Left:
0-121: No entries
122-143: Sherry Olson/Kelsey Simmons/Tara Cousineau/Kathy Kelly
144+: Brandy Stark/Colleen Santistevan/Tara Cousineau/Christy Hernandez

Men's Masters Right:
0-176: No entries
177+: Mark Clay/Robert Fowler/Charles Hamby

Men's Open Right:
0-154: Roman Borisov/Greg Scott
155-176: Chris Boyd/Jae T Hamilton/Josh Chavez/Scott Huston
177-187: Justin Kaufman/Jae T Hamilton/Steve Bryant/Keith Powers
188-198: Ron Ermini/Mike Apodaca/Russ Stark/Keith Powers
199-220: Larry Ermini/Chris Kaufman/Ethan Santistevan/Justin Tanner
221-242: Mark Clay/Chris Kaufman/Charles Hamby/Robert Fowler
243+: Ryan Constantino/David Warren/Lee Fowler/Pete Snow

Men's Open Left:
0-154: JC Child/Ed Baca/Roman Borisov/Joseph Cordova
155-176: Chris Boyd/Alexander Suvorov/Jae T Hamilton/Steve Bryant
177-187: Keith Powers/Justin Kaufman/Steve Bryant/Jae T Hamilton
188-198: Ron Ermini/Keith Powers/Mike Apodaca/Russ Stark
199-220: Dwayne Hanel/Tim Lewis/Chris Kaufman/Justin Tanner
221-242: Charles Hamby/Chris Kaufman/Justin Tanner/Robert Fowler
243+: Ryan Constantino/Dwayne Hanel/David Warren/Lee Fowler

Men's 143 lb Pro Invitational Megamatch:
Craig "Over the Top" Goodwin - Champion ($1200 winner)/Joseph Cordova/Jess Hurley/Ed Baca/(Brent Norris & JC Child - tie for 5th)

Men's Right Overall: Ryan Constantino

Men's Left Overall: Chris Boyd

Women's Right Overall: Margie Ciaccio

Women's Left Overall: Brandy Stark

Team Points: CO (220), NM (63), TX (9), CT (8), NE (7), WY (6)

Match of the day Kids/Teens: Darian Bryant vs Brandy Cohen

Match of the day Adults: Russ Stark vs Mike Apodaca

2009 Colorado Armwrestling Hall of Fame: Charles Hamby

DVD copies of this tournament:
Available for $15 ($10 + $5 shipping)
Memories in Motion - Craig Evans
970-224-1071 or

2009 Rio Abajo Days Armwrestling Challenge

September 26, 2009 - Belen, New Mexico

Presented by New Water Service Company and the Greater Belen Chamber of Commerce
Table and Referees by New Mexico ArmSports

Kids/Teen Entries: 31, Adult Entries: 39
70 Total Entries
States represented: NM, TX, CO

Boys & Girls 0-4:
Ryan Trujillo/Tony Apodaca/Cason Goodwin/Alexavier Lucero

Boys & Girls 5-6:
Shaylin Goodwin/Kevin Grund

Boys 7-9:
Jaime Melendrez/Tyler Ingram/Aidan Ames/Phillip Garcia/Caleb Baca/J Fritz
Girls 10-12:
Jordan Hernandez/Anna Grund

Boys 10-12:
Estevan Carrasco/Cedric Romero/Dante Risso/Nathalion Cadelaria

Boys 13-15:
Jose Trujillo/Stefon Johns/Chris Trujillo/Tyler Hernandez

Girls 16-18:
Tyler Hernandez/Kaylynn Shutte

Boys 16-18:
Orlando Castillo/BJ Hays/Charles Dawson

Men's Novice Right:
0-154: No entries
155-176: Orlando Castillo/AJ Chavez/BJ Hays
177-198: MIchael Apodaca Jr/Victor Carrasco/Jim Cowan/Jeremy Padilla
199+: Chris Gallegos/Steven King/Steven Hernandez

Men's Open Right:
0-154: Craig Goodwin/Marc Sodd
155-176: James Melendrez/Tom Chavez
177-198: Josh Chavez/James Melendrez
199-242: No entries
243+: Nate McCallon/Steven King

Women's Open Right:
0-143: Tyler Hernandez/Stacie Nowell
144+: Beverly Huse/Andrea Melendrez/Christy Hernandez/Stacie Nowell

Men's Open Left:
0-154: No entries
155-176: James Melendrez/Joseph Cordova/Gregory Christianson
177-198: Joseph Cordova/Victor Carrasco
199-242: No entries
243+: Nate McCallon/Steve Hernandez

Women's Open Left:
Open: Tasha Allsup/Tyler Hernandez/Andrea Melendrez/Stacie Nowell

Men's Right Overall: Craig Goodwin

Men's Left Overall: Nate McCallon

Women's Right Overall: Beverly Huse

****Overall winners received beautiful mirrored plaques and $75.****

2009 Thunder in the Rockies Armwrestling Challenge

September 5, 2009 - Loveland, Colorado

Presented by Gold's Gym Loveland and Mile High Armsports

46 Total Entries
States represented: CO, WY, NM

Thunder in the Rockies - 5 Sept 2009

Working on getting some video footage posted...

Boys & Girls 0-4:
Abby Tanner

Boys 9-11:
Michael Parmiter/Justin Tanner II

Girls 13-15:
Brittany Tanner/Jazmine Martinez

Men's Novice Right:

0-165: Rick Kelly/Steve Suksi/Paul Mashburn/Zac Feltis
198: Aaron Easter/Brad Torblaa/Jim Cowan/Randy Collins
199+: John Clark/Rick Kelly

Men's Open Right:
0-165: Rick Kelly/Zac Feltis/Brandy Stark
166-198: Justin Kaufman/Stan Karapetyan/Aaron Easter/Cliff Flemming

199+: Denis Krypnov/Justin Tanner/Jason Perrin/Aaron Easter

Women's Open Right:
0-143: Estella McCabe/Sandy Tanner
144+: Brandy Stark/Jessie Cziria

Men's Open Left:
166-198: Stan Karapetyan/Aaron Easter/Cliff Flemming/Rick Kelly
199+: Denis Krypnov/Jason Perrin/Chris Kaufman/Justin Tanner

Men's Right Overall: Rick Kelly

Men's Left Overall: Stan Karapetyan

Women's Right Overall: Brandy Stark

Match of the Day: Estella McCabe vs Sandy Tanner

2009 New Mexico State Games Armwrestling Championships

 Albuquerque, New Mexico
Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kids/Teens - 47 entries
Adults - 77 entries
TOTAL: 124 entries
States represented: KS, CO, WY, TX, NM

Boys and Girls Right:
0-4: Cason Goodwin/Brandon Burlem.
5-6: Hank Hildago/Shaylin Goodwin/Alexandra Melendrez.

Boys Right:
7-9: Derick Castillo/Jaime Melendrez/Aidan Ames.
10-12: Christian Bryant/Estevan Carrasco/Tatton Allsup.
13-15: Joshua Valley/Joseph Quintana.
16-18: Phillip Hurtado/Patrick Wallen/Diego Martinez/Joseph Quintana.

Girls Right:
7-9: Darian Bryant/Destiny Sanchez.
10-12: Marissa Dutchover/Jordan Hernandez/Jazmine Sanchez.
13-15: Tyler Hernandez/Patricia Calbert/Shauntee Clevenger.
16-18: Kelsey Simmons/Shauntee Clevenger.
Boys and Girls Left:
0-4: Brandon Burlem/Cason Goodwin.
5-6:Shaylin Goodwin/ Hank Hildago.
7-9: Darrian Bryant/Aidan Ames/Jaime Melendrez.

Boys Left:
10-12: Christian Bryant/Jordan Hernandez/Tatton Allsup.
13-15: Patrick Wallen/Joseph Quintana.
16-18: Phillip Hurtado/Patrick Wallen/Diego Martinez/Joseph Quintana.

Girls Left:
7-9: Darrian Bryant.
10-12: Jordan Hernandez.
13-15: Patricia Calbert/Tyler Hernandez/Shauntee Clevenger.
16-18: Shauntee Clevenger.
Men's Novice Right:
0-154: Travis Kleinhaus/Josh Wilson/Phillip Hurtado/Adam Martinez.
155-176: Daniel Ziegler/Brian Sanchez/Wesley Dutchover/Nathan Garcia.
177-198: Toby Duarte/Victor Carrasco/Johnny Dutchover/Robert Vega.
199+: Lee Fowler/Daniel Mason/Robert Fowler/Steve Hernandez.
Women's Open Right:
0-143: Kelsey Simmons/Tyler Hernandez/Patricia Calbert.
144+: No entries.
Women's Open Left: Tasha Allsup/Tyler Hernandez/Patricia Calbert.
Men's Open Right:
0-154: Jess Hurley/Craig Goodwin/Tim Chavez/Travis Kleinhaus.
155-176: Chris Boyd/Shane Mclaughlin/James Melendrez/Joey Baca.
177-198: Mike Apodaca/Josh Calbert/Steve Bryant/Ethan Santistevan.
199-242: Brian Burlem/Chris Futhey/Mark Nutsch/Justin Tanner.
243+: Nate McCallon/Paul Calbert/Lee Fowler/Daniel Mason.
Men's Open Left:
0-154: Jess Hurley/Josh Wilson.
155-176: Chris Boyd/Shane Mclaughlin/James Melendrez/Brian Sanchez.
177-198: Ethan Santistevan/Steve Bryant/Victor Carrasco/Robert Vega.
199+: Mark Nutsch/Chris Futhey/Paul Calbert/Brian Burlem.
Mark Nutsch vs. Chris Futhey. Winner Mark Nutsch (4-1).
Shane Mclaughlin vs. Joey Baca. Draw (3-3).
Team Champions: Team Kansas.
Kids' Match of the Day: Cason Goodwin vs. Brandon Burlem.
Adults' Match of the Day: Patricia Calbert vs. Tyler Hernandez.
Men's Right Overall: Chris Boyd.
Men's Left Overall: Ethan Santistevan.
Women's Right Overall: Kelsey Simmons. 

1st Annual Sturgis-Bound Annual Rally Armwrestling

July 25, 2009 - Belen, New Mexico

Men's Novice Right:
0-154: Ernie Gonzales/Ryan Cordova/Jeff Lynch/Mickie Lynch
155-176: Brian Sanchez/Adam Chavez/Robert Gurule

177-198: Steve Storms/Zachary Olivas
199+: Thomas Roha/Steven King/Tony Carvalno/Steve Hernandez

Men's Open Right:
0-154: Joseph Cordova/Thomas Chavez/Craig Goodwin/Nick Garley
155-176: James Melendrez/Brian Sanchez
177-198: Ethan Santistevan/James Melendrez/Cody Hall/Zachary Olivas

199-242: Chris Futhey/Thomas Roha/Cody Hall/Dean Zurla
243+: Chris Futhey/Paul Calbert/Nate McCallen/Scott Dodd

Women's Open Right:
Tyler Hernandez/Christy Hernandez/Julie Garcia

Men's Open Left:
0-154: Joseph Cordova/Willie Lambert/Thomas Chavez/Mickie Lynch
177-198: Ethan Santistevan/Victor Caruso/Steve Storms/Zachary Olivas
199-242: Chris Futhey/Troy Morales
243+: Paul Calbert/Nate McCallen/Chris Futhey/Scot Dodd

Mountains State Regional Armwrestling Championships
July 18, 2009 - Lakewood, Colorado

Mountain States Regionals 18 July 2009

117 Total Entries
States/Countries Represented: USA, Russia, Ukraine, CO, WY, KS, FL, NM

Boys/Girls 0-4:
Cason Goodwin/Brice Child

Boys/Girls 5-6:
Brooke Morse/Victoria Child/Shaylin Goodwin/Moises Norris

Girls 7-9:
Darian Bryant/Cheyenne Reese

Boys 7-9:
Robert Penrose/Darian Bryant/Jonathan Cousineau/Brice Authier/Aidan Ames

Boys 10-12:
Christian Bryant/Jonathan Penrose/Robert Penrose

Girls 16-18:
Kelsey Simmons

Men's Novice Left:
155-176: Eric Andasola/Stan Karapetyan/Andy Slifka
199-242: Robert Fowler/Christian Horotan
243+: Lee Fowler/David Warren/Pete Snow/Christian Horotan

Men's Novice Right:
155-176: Oleksii Davydov/Rick Kelly/Kyle Gibbons/Justin Montgomery
177-198: David Goodwin/Vinny Cayward/Brian Montgomery/Scott Eklund
199-242: Christian Keiber/Eric Clark/Robert Fowler/Christian Horotan
243+: David Warren/Eric Clark/Lee Fowler/Christian Horotan

Men's Open Right:
0-143: Craig Goodwin/JC Child/Brett Morse/Roman Borisov
144-176: Chris Boyd/Stan Karapetyan/Oleksii Davydov/Rick Kelly
177-198: Justin Kaufman/Justin Tanner/Steve Bryant/Cliff Flemming
199-242: Denis Krypnov/Mark Clay/Chris Kaufman/Christian Keiber
243+: David Warren/Mark Clay/Charles Hamby/Lee Fowler

Women's Open Right:
0-121: Taylor Penning/Krista Snow
122-143: Kelsey Simmons/Janie Morse/Jessie Cziria/Kathy Kelly
144+: Margie Ciaccio/Crystal Andasola/Jessie Cziria/Tara Cousineau

Men's Open Left:
0-143: JC Child/Roman Borisov
144-176: Oleksii Davydov/Alexander Suvorov/Kyle Gibbons/Ken Penrose
177-198: Justin Kaufman/Justin Tanner/Steve Bryant/Cliff Flemming
199-242: Denis Krypnov/Chris Kaufman/Justin Tanner/Robert Fowler
243+: Travis Berggren/Charles Hamby/Pete Snow/David Warren

Women's Open Left:
0-143: Kathy Kelly/Jessie Cziria/Krista Snow
144+: Margie Ciaccio/Crystal Andasola/Tara Cousineau/Krista Snow

Match of the Day:
Brett Morse vs Roman Borisov

Men's Right Overall: Justin Kaufman

Men's Left Overall: Denis Krypnov

Women's Right Overall: Margie Ciaccio

Supermatch for $400:
Brent Norris vs Brett Morse - Winner is Brent Norris (3-2)

Saluting Fallen Bikers Memorial Rally Armwrestling Tournament
May 23, 2009 - Salida, Colorado

Salute to Fallen Bikers Memorial Armwrestling Tournament

Men's Novice Right:
0-154: Craig Goodwin/Kevin Warren
155-176: Eric Andasola/Craig Goodwin/Lance Manchego
177-198: Eric Andasola/David Goodwin/Adam Archuletta
199-242: Cody Hall/David Koetly
243+: Christian Kieber/Lee Fowler/Cody Hall

Men's Open Right:

0-154: Craig Goodwin/Kevin Warren
155-176: Ian Wetteland/Eric Andasola
177-198: Steve Bryant/Ian Wetteland/Bob Keller
199-242: Chris Chandler/Justin Tanner/Cody Hall
243+: David Warren/Jason Perrin/Justin Tanner

Men's Open Left:
0-154: Kevin Warren
155-176: Ben Bledsoe/Kevin Warren
177-198: Steve Bryant/Darren Montoya/Ben Bledsoe
199-242: Chris Chandler/Justin Tanner/Robert Fowler
243+: Jason Perrin/David Warren/Tim Lewis

Women's Open Right:
0-143: Tanya Furry 
144+: Crystal Andasola/Tara Cousinou/Joyce Holeman

Men's Right and Left Hand Overall Champion: Chris Chandler
Best Sportsmanship Award: Tanya Furry

Thanks to Rick Cisneros, Jason Perrin, and Tim Lewis for refereeing!

2009 New Mexico State Armwrestling Championships
February 7, 2009 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

States represented: WY, CO, NM, NH, CT, AZ, NV, CA, KS, MT, TX, NE
Total entries: 211 (35 kids, 176 adults)

Boys/Girls 0-4:
Cason Goodwin

Boys/Girls 5-6:
Brooke Morse/Hank Hidalgo/Syvanna Duarte/Moises Norris/Shanlin Goodwin

Boys/Girls 7-9:
Jaime Melendrez/Jared Sheppard/Tatton Allsup/Darian Bryant/Aidan Ames

Girls 10-12:
Hannah Sheppard/Allaura Watkins/Darian Bryant

Boys 10-12:
Christian Bryant/Estevan Carrusca/Gino Bellus

Girls 13-15:
Jessie Cziria/Taylor Simmons/Patricia Calbert/Mickenzie Clements/Shauntee Clevenger

Boys 13-15:
BJ Hays/Joey Quintana/Logan Herrera

Girls 16-18:
Kelsey Simmons/Jessie Cziria/Acacica Hines/Ashley Mascarenas

Boys 16-18:
Joshua Chavez/Adam Apodaca/Sam Jaramillo/BJ Hayes/Coty Kleinhans

Men's Novice Left:
0-154: Jess Hurley/Ernie Gonzalez/BJ Hayes
155-176: Eric Andasola/Louis Fayad/Ken Ellis
177-198: Tracy Tynsky/Bob Keller/Robert Vega/Aaron Cordova
199-242: Patrick Chavez/Chad Julian
243+: Paul Calbert/Pete Snow/Nathan McCallan/Scott Dodd/David Warren

Men's Novice Right:
0-154: Jess Hurley/Brett Morse/Eric Prada/Corey Dorcas/Nick Garley
155-176: Gary Raya/Eric Andasola/Sam Jaramillo/Louis Fayad/Ken Ellis
177-198: Tracy Tynsky/Toby Duarte/Kyle Gibbons/Victor Carrasco/Jeremiah Bellus
199-242:Ben Landry/Cody Hall.Patrick Chavez Jr./Aron Easter/Lane Harwicke
243+: Steven King/Gary Roberts/Crockett Thompson/Nathan McCallan/Scott Dodd

Men's Open Right:
0-132: Joseph Cordova/Nick Garley
133-154: Jess Hurley/Tim Chavez/Willie Lambert/Tom M Chavez/Brent Norris
155-165: Corey Miller/Jacob Maechtlen/Craig Goodwin
166-176: Corey MIller/Luke Kindt/Ron Erdmann/Tom J Chavez/Jeremiah Bellus
177-198: Chris Chandler/Eric Wolfe/Darren Montoya/Kyle Gibbons/Titus Linzy/Toby Duarte
199-220:Chris Chandler/Eric Wolfe/Aron Easter/Mark Clay/Tim Lewis/Justin Tanner
221-242: Robbie Burnett/Corey Miller/Michael Mariscal/Mark Clay/Justin Tanner
243+: Ryan Constantino/Travis Berggren/Robbie Burnett/Marc Lowery

Women's Open Right:
0-121: Janie Morse/Krista Snow/Shauntee Clevenger
122-143: Margie Ciaccio/Kelsey Simmons/Rhonda Meade/Amanda Clements/Ashley Melendrez
144+: Margie Ciaccio/Andrea Melendrez/Ashley Robinette

Men's Open Left:
0-132: Joseph Cordova
133-154: Joseph Cordova/Tom Chavez/Alex Borsch/Eddie Hines/Willie Lambert
165: Jacob Maechtlen
166-176: Corey Miller/Ron Erdmann/Steve Bryant/James Melendrez/Jacob Maechtlen
177-198: Chris Chandler/Eric Wolfe/Darren Montoya/Robert Vega/Chris Hood
199-220: Chris Chandler/Aron Easter/Ethan Santistevan/Lane Hardwicke/Tim Lewis
221-242: Corey Miller/Michael Mariscal/Justin Tanner/Tim Lewis/Brian Burlem/Robbie Burnett
243+: Ryan Constantino/Travis Berggren/Marc Lowery/Ron Howell/Peter Snow

Women's Open Left:
Margie Ciaccio/Patricia Calbert/Krista Snow/Shauntee Clevenger

Men's Right Overall: Chris Chandler

Men's Left Overall: Ryan Constantino

Women's Right Overall: Margie Ciaccio

Kids' Match of the Day: Brooke Morse vs. Hank Hidalgo

Adults' Match of the Day: Darren Montoya vs. Titus Linzy

Best Sportsmanship:
Chris Hood

Team Competition:
Wyoming (107)/Colorado (97)/New Mexico (78)/Arizona (41)/Texas (30)