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 Rocky Mountains
Mile High ArmSports Tournament Records

Colorado Records
World Titles:
Margie Ciaccio - 4 (WAF)
Desiree Gronwold - 2 (WWC)
Kelli Holmes - 1 (WPAA)

National Titles:
Margie Ciaccio - 43 Gold Medals (AAA, USAF, USAA)

Arnold Classic International Titles:
Margie Ciaccio - 7

Youngest National Champion:
Darian Bryant (Age 11, USAA)

Youngest World Champion:
Kelli Holmes (Age 15 - WPAA)

Most Colorado State Titles:
Emlyn Williams and Rich Simpson - 9

Most Consecutive Colorado State Titles:
Brandy Stark - 6

State Titles in most States:
Dakota Gundy - 7 (MT, NE, CO, PA, OK, WY, SD)

Rocky Mountain Regional Titles:
Greg Fanger and Brad Balderston - 9

Yukon Jack Regional Titles:
Brad Balderston - 4

Most States Competed In:
Tim Lewis - 34 (NV, PA, NJ, NY, OH, MA, CT, VA, WV, FL, MI, NE, KS, SD, WY, NM, MT, OR, CO, TX, ID, MO, UT, WI, OK, MN, IL, ND, IA, CA, NC, AR, KY, TN)

Most Countries Competed In:
Margie Ciaccio - 7 (USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, England, Canada)

Years Ranked #1 in Colorado:
Matt Girdner - 11

New Mexico Records
World Titles:
Ashley Romero - Silver Medal (WAF)
Kelsey Simmons - Silver Medal (WAF)

National Titles
Joseph Cordova - 14 (USAF, USAA)

Youngest National Champion:
Shavlin Goodwin (Age 5, USAF)

Most New Mexico State Titles:
Philip Baca - 14

Years Ranked #1 in New Mexico:
Mike Apodaca - 12

State Titles in most States:
Chris Futhey - 4 (CA, NV, NM, CO)

Yukon Jack Regional Titles:
Mike Apodaca - 3

Most States Competed In:
Joseph Cordova - 9 (NM, CO, AZ, MO, AR, UT, TX MT, NV)

Most Countries Competed In:
Joseph Cordova - 4 (Bulgaria, Canada, USA, Italy)