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Links to some armwrestling sites:
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Armwrestling  Discussion, Organizations, and Videos:

The Northeast Armwrestling Message Board
- discussion coverage of armwrestling topics nationwide, including Tournament Results and Upcoming Events

United States Armwrestling Federation
- the home organization of Mile High ArmSports

The Pulling John Movie site
- the highly accalimed documentary on the real world of tournament armwrestling, and the greatest armwrestler in the history of the sport!

Heartland Armwrestling
- lauching point for events and training, focusing on the Midwestern United States
- the largest repository of armwrestling information in the world!

subscription site providing an enormous selection of videotaped armwrestling events nationwide, including televised events dating back to the 1970s on ABCs Wide World of Sports!

ArmSport Videos
- free site providing videotaped armwrestling events from across the country

International Armwrestling Federation
- comprehensive listing of links to armwrestling websites from around the world!